I booked a session with Nikki after she was recommended to me.

 Nikki has an amazing gift of being able to intuit and release blockages that can affect our physical and emotional health.
I booked a telephone consultation for some health issues and was able to attend from the comfort of my own home. 

The session was truly wonderful and enlightening as Nikki spoke out loud during the session so that I could hear what blockages she had located and was releasing. This was so helpful to me.
Afterwards, I felt a profound sense of love envelop me. I had an amazing sense of clarity about my life and now feel supported by this loving energy as I move forward in life.
A beautiful experience. I would recommend Nikki to anyone needing help with their health.
H xx

I’ve suffered gross motor tremors for years but in recent times, in association with adrenal fatigue, the episodes had become very frequent and caused me great distress. I’d tried all manner of things, some very expensive, but even as an energy practitioner myself couldn’t manage to budge them.  Enter Nikki.  After only a few sessions the tremors disappeared – and 3 months later have not returned.  A miracle!  Facilitated by Nikki’s deep knowledge, wisdom and experience.” Mxx

  I’ve been struggling with chronic fatigue and environmental illness for several years, and I’ve tried many different approaches, both conventional medicine and alternative therapies. Nothing worked – until I started to work with Nikki one-and-a-half year ago. As she unravelled a mixture of physical and energetic issues – and we addressed them – things gradually started to shift. Using The Body Code, Nikki uncovered a number of physical issues that are seldom diagnosed by conventional medicine – like parasites, fungus, low-grade virus infections, neurological inflammation, structural misalignments, toxic load, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and methylation defects. What surprised me the most was the effect that trapped emotions and other negative energies were having, not only on my psychological well-being, but also on my physical energy, strength and stamina. It was even more surprising to experience the rapid progress that I started to make when we intensified the work on ancestral and past life energies. I can highly recommend Nikki to anyone with complex chronic health issues. Nikki is dedicated to her clients’ healing – as long as you let her in.

Virginia, East Sussex

"I had two Emotion Code clearings with Nikki. I asked her to let me know the time she would do the clearing and each time I felt a shift like a weight was lifted from my shoulders! Amazing! Apart from that, I thought I get great value for money since Nikki is very thorough and in each session a large number of emotions are cleared in detail. Thanks again for your quality work! Best wishes," Constantine.


"Two years ago I fell down a flight of stairs and split my head open quite badly. I recovered from the fall but developed vertigo that gradually got worse and worse until even small head movements would trigger off an attack.
I had received reiki treatments in the past from Nikki for relaxation, but thought maybe reiki might help me to get my balance back.
 After one intensive treatment the vertigo completely disappeared and two years on it has not returned."
                                                                                                                        Sarah Bagley.  Worc.


Well! Wow!  What an experience! after 3 weeks with no relief in 15mins  my foot was sorted. Nikki released only two trapped emotions from my childhood!  What an eye opening experience...Thank-you So much! Tina xxx


A moving and positive experience,it really helped me on my way. Will be back for more .   Chris



I do not feel that I am living in the past emotionally now. A tremendous relief.     Debs Thurkettle


Phew! I feel a lot calmer and taller, good to take some time out to re-charge. Thank-you for looking after me.   x


 Thank you so much for a wonderful experience of Reiki, it has made a big impression on me.   Sal


A Bit About Me......

 I have spent many years trying to discover who I am and what  my purpose is, what I am here for.  I  always felt different and misunderstood and have had my fair share of knock downs and challenges.

I have come through violent relationships and alcohol and drug mis-use, where I couldn't see a way out and just thought " what's the point! "

Then I got pregnant and everything changed. I had a focus, a responsibility.

I have mostly remained optimistic, always knowing what is right but sometimes losing sight of the best way to go. I've watch my daughter grow and reflect back to me the person I was and now I spend time trying to take the me out of her :)

 I now believe that everything happens for a reason and healing came when I took responsibility for myself and how I feel. 

I forgave the people that hurt me, including myself, and realised that these things happened to teach me something about myself, and to help me move forward in my life, consciously.

I have taken the steps towards cleansing my Mind, Body and Spirit of anything that stands in my way of reaching my true potential. 
  I believe this healing and growing part of our journey just keeps on going until we leave this life. 

It's a journey NOT a destination!

I will teach easy and effective self-healing techniques that you can take home with you and do every day to keep your mind,body and spirit in-balance.
 I believe that we are all connected by an 
INVISIBLE energy that runs through us, including the trees and flowers and animals. 
This life force is where we are from and where we go back to, and we have the ability to tap into this energy and use it to live in joy and abundance, which is our natural state of being and our birthright!

I promise to assist you to find the balanced and joyful path that you deserve.
 I've studied many different types of therapies and I attend regular workshops and courses to keep myself up to date in this ever evolving field of quantum energy healing. 

 I'm doing the work I love, helping others from all walks of life who
want to take responsibility for their health and healing, and discover the world within