SOS for the SOUL

Soul Support is an SOS for the Soul, or an A&E Energy Clearance if you like. 

Everything IS Energy, and whatever is causing the discomfort,  can be Located, Observed & Released 

We are the CREATORS of our reality and we CHOOSE how our lives play out, consciously OR subconsciously, we are the ones with the reins if we so choose.

I guess you wouldn't be here, if you didn't want to take the reins back and take control of your life and health? 

I will 'tune into your energy and release anything that is ready to be released around the question or subject you choose, a health issue or anything else...there are no limits :)

 This is a really great way of working in so many ways for it gives you time to rebalance between sessions, making the releasing easier to process. 

It can be used for children and animals too, without them even knowing on a conscious level that they are being assisted. 

Full Sessions can be booked HERE 

I always ASK your higher self  for permission to tune in. I cannot do anything that you or your higher self doesn't allow, and I wouldn't want to either :)

You can book a session anytime with the availability on the calendar. It's easy to do and it will take you to PayPal which you can use with or without an account with them. Email me if you would like to pay direct.

You can choose how many sessions you want in the month depending on your budget and your need. 

Feel free to email me at with any questions or book a 15 min free chat.

Take advantage of my 15 min FREE consultation/chat  

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We are EVOLVING as a human race,   if we wish to get ourselves into the right vibration and into Universal flow then working on clearing low vibrational energies is key.

This is an SOS for the Soul and can be booked as a stand alone, or up to 16 in the month which was my original Soul Support Silver Package


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