Hi and  thank you for visiting my site. I have a great passion for Energy and how it affects our daily lives and how we can learn to use that knowledge to understand ourselves better. I believe our bodies contain all the information we need, by tapping into that knowledge, into that inner wisdom, we can locate and remove  blockages and toxic energies that stop us reaching our full potential.  It can help us move back into our natural state of being, happy and healthy :)

Below is a video testimonial about my Soul Support session. We talked alot so I've cut it down as much as I can while leaving the important bits in :)  

Are you ready to take control of your Health & Happiness and get back into the driving seat?

Are you tired of procrastinating and want to move forward in your life as a SOVEREIGN being

Perhaps you can't get your finances working successfully? Resolve a relationship issue?  An addictive behaviour, or a HEALTH CHALLENGE?  

Let me tune into your ENERGY and locate Blockages and Imbalances that are preventing YOU or your LOVED ONES from experiencing GREAT HEALTH  & WELLBEING and get you moving forward with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE

I use an Amazing mapping system called The Body Code, MUSCLE TESTING and INTUITION to locate and release ANYTHING that no longer serves.  

It's Time Now to take back your power and step into your true authentic self.

The world needs YOU!

I offer a FREE 15 minuteCLARITY call so I can discover a little of what's going on in your life and tell you how I work to see if what I do is right for you.

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Healing in the Matrix

Every reaction we have comes from a programmed response.
The tapes that get recorded throughout our lives, by our experiences, play out as an early warning system.

The problem is, they were recorded before the age of 7!

Matrix RE-Imprinting allows us to go back and assist those parts of ourselves where unhelpful programming occured. We can change limiting beliefs and decisions made when we were too young to know better.

Change your BELIEFS. Change your LIFE

I'm offering PHONE sessions at a discounted price to enable more people to easily experience this amazing therapy

Hands on Healing

We all need to take some time to ourselves to RELAX and REBALANCE, to wind down from the daily stresses.

With a Hands On Energy Healing Session we can go that little bit deeper,

Going into deeper layers of the subconscious and activating the bodies natural healing response.

While you are lay down, I will gently lay my hands on your shoulders, will channel Universal REIKI Energy through myself to you.

This energy will move through your body, rebalancing and re-adjusting your energy system.

I will tune in to certain issues that we will have discussed, and depending on your needs , release anything that may be causing these imbalances, removing blocks in the ENERGY SYSTEM

CREATING FLOW, opening up a greater understanding of what's going on beneath the surface and leaving you feeling LIGHTER with more CLARITY and PURPOSE.

Whether you have a one off session or sign up for a course, you will benefit from the releasing of stuck energy.

How this shows up for you will be unique to you, it may bring up memories, feelings from the past, these areas still have attachments and are highlighted for cleansing.

Many have been propelled forward on their spiritual and human journey. Many have overcome years of pain, discomfort and procrastination.

Whatever happens, know you are a multi-dimensional being of light, you are connected to GOD/ SOURCE ENERGY and you are capable of healing yourself & so much more.....

HANDS ON Sessions are at my home in the Stroud area, Gloucestershire.

Remote Healing is also available


These therapies are not a substitute for medical assistance.

I cannot claim to cure or give medical advice. I work with the ENERGY BODY and although I have had many great success stories & I offer guidance and a possible new way forward, YOU are the one that ultimately heals yourself. 

You are the one you've been waiting for....you may just not realise it yet :)

Please take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your own HEALTH & WELLBEING by booking a session with me you understand this and are happy to proceed.