Wouldn't it be amazing to know what's REALLY going on within that AMAZING complex SYNERGY of SYSTEMS called YOU :)

Would you be willing to LOOK WITHIN and locate those sticking points?



Join me on a 6 week journey and take yourself to another level

 Through your Mind, Body & Spiritual bio-feedback, we can explore your past, present and future selves for rogue programming, limiting beliefs, Interferences and Attachments within your ENERGY, which prevents YOU from being your most OPTIMAL SELF 

What do you want to BE? 

Whats stopping you?

                                                                                        Who's stopping you?

  What you will receive:

  💚  An ABC ACCESS BODY SCAN - a complete ENERGY scan of your systems, looking for toxins, hormonal imbalances, unhappy Organs and Glands, Emotional and Trauma related issues  and so much more. 
We will revisit the scan at the end of the 6 weeks to see where we are at and compare results.
  💚 6 One-One sessions to work through anything and everything that comes up.

  💚 Txt/email support throughout your 6 week journey

  💚 One SOS Soul Support session for when things feel to much! check it out HERE

Transform your Thoughts, Beliefs and other imbalances that are preventing you from stepping into your TRUE SELF. 

My promise to YOU;
I will always give you 100% of my attention during our sessions and I will do my best to help you with whatever comes up, whether by txt support or during our one-one sessions.

 I am commiting to your transformation. I will always be looking at what's behind the energy as
anything can cause anything.
We will explore how you are feeling in the moment, the only time is NOW, we will look at what is blocking you and what your body needs to be Happy and Healthy, whether it's on the physical,spiritual or emotional levels.

I will use my intuition and all of my tools to assist you in becoming the BEST Version of you. 
I have had great results and shifts working with people from all walks of life.

 Shifts that can change EVERYTHING

The only thing I ask, is that you have a desire to CHANGE and to SHIFT those old frequencies and ALIGN yourself with what you do want. 

Not much then! :)

I want you to be fully present throughout our time together and dedicate some time to journal & meditate ( even just 10 mins) during the 6 week journey, to get clarity & focus as we move through this TRANSFORMATIONAL journey.


If you really want to see BIG changes in the way you look, feel and react to and in the world around you, and how you see yourself, then come join me and take those reins back.  

            JOURNEY TO SELF



I am halfway through a 6 week session of healing treatments with Nikki. I am a Kinesiologist (amongst other things) and have been working on myself and having treatments for years. However, I could never get right to the bottom of my problems.

Nikki did a Body scan for me at the start. This is a really comprehensive report showing loads and loads of possible health issues and causes and it works alongside Kinesiology testing.  I was amazed. I have never even seen this program before. It works like Kinesiology but drills down much further – down and down. She scanned through all my body to start with, all the organs, tissues, hormones, heavy metals etc etc. There were pages of things that were scanned all showing whether or not those areas were okay and if not okay then they had a score of how badly they were affected.  I was just amazed at what came up. Stuff that I thought I had long dealt with, like parasites and heavy metal poisoning, just to name a few!

It went right into the heart of the matter, down and down through layers and then Nikki either energetically cleared it or recommended appropriate supplements for me to take.  

I love working with Nikki, she is so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Obviously it is too soon to say whether or not all my problems will clear in the 6 treatments, but there will be another body scan before the last one so we can see how it is progressing.  I am using different medications (although that is not really the right word) from previously and I am really excited to feel that I am at last getting better.

I feel very confident that the Body scan is really helpful in diagnosing health problems and I wish I had known about it long ago. Diane 

A Little Bit More on The Emotion Code/ BodyCode.

The Emotion Code is 1/6th of the BodyCode.

The Body Code was pioneered by Dr Bradley Nelson. He discovered, that by muscle testing the body while asking specific questions, we can locate trapped emotional energies and other imbalances, he then created an amazing mapping system which I have used for over 12 years to navigate through the body.

Kinesiology (muscle testing)  was originally developed by an American chiropractor called George Goodheart in 1964.  He found that by testing the muscles' response to pressure, he noticed that a positive answer would give a strong response and lock the muscle, and a negative answer would make the muscle weak. With this technique we can ask the body questions about our health and using Dr. Nelsons amazing mapping system we can find what lies at the root of the problem.

 As the times move forward , we have found it easier and easier to act as proxy for somebody by putting our own energy aside and testing on our own muscles. This enables distant sessions on Skype or Zoom or over the energy waves, to be as successful as face to face visits.  

Trapped Emotions don't always have to have come from a seemingly traumatic time, but when we feel an emotion strongly, and haven't be able to process it properly, this can results in the energy becoming trapped.

As all emotions have a vibrational charge, they will interfere with the natural flow of life force, creating imbalances and preventing the body from healing itself.

 I have successfully treated people all over the world by proxy and whether its a Zoom or Skype session, telephone call or by email, it has no bearing on the test results. 

 Freeing up your time and travel costs, this works great with children and animals as they don't even have to know they are having a session, they just start to feel better, invaluable for releasing their emotional baggage they don't even know they have.

The ABC Scan can also be bought as 2 Part Session Package    HERE

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